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Jonathan Miller

 Founder of SaveOne

Jonathan Miller has once contemplated suicide and has dealt with bullying his whole life. Instead of being one that holds back and is timid. Most people that were bullied soon become bullies, but Jonathan decided to stop that chain reaction, to stop that ripple effect and be a difference maker. Jonathan has been featured in FOX61, The Hartford Courant, and even the Journal Inquirer. Jonathan is a motivational speaker that speaks to the youth and adults of the world. Jonathan sees that there is an issue and decided that this world and this problem won't change till someone speaks up about it. Jonathan chose to be that someone in 2013 at only 15 years old. 

Marco Fabretti 

 Co-Founder and Spoken Word artist

Marco Fabretti goes by the name of Marco4Hymn. He uses his talent of poetry and spoken word to reach the students. Encouraging them that they are not alone and that the lables people have placed on the youth, young adults and people as a whole is not true. He shares who God says they truly are. Marco is a man of God, minister, and warrior going strong to #StopTheLie. While others are putting out lies that say they can't unless, they won't until, and they don't yet, he is reminding them that God said they already have, they absolutely can and they always will. He is trading the lies for truth and doing so with flow and freedom. 

about us

time line

2013: Jonathan was on a missions trip             in Costa Rica and founded                       SaveOne at 15 years old

2015: Jonathan Miller did a TEDx Talk               called "Hi, How Are You?" also                 interviewed Brian 'Head' Welch               from Korn

2016: Two week tour in Puerto Rico.                 Spoke at Elim Gospel Church                   Youth Group. 

2017: Speaking at schools all over                     Connecticut.